Parenting Challenges

Whether you are a first-time parent or a seasoned veteran with 3 kids, parenting is always a new experience which brings new challenges. As your child develops, the challenges will change and your thinking may also change. However, one thing must remain consistent and that is your approach. You should always be patient, loving and understanding towards your child. Although you want your child to respect and listen to you, you must also be supportive and help him achieve his goals.

Accepting the child as he/she is, one of the biggest challenge any parent can have. It is ultimate desire of any parent to have a calm, sweet, cute and socially well-behaved child. But in reality, that is not always the case. This article deals with some of the most common challenges which parents encounter and how they can deal with those issues.

Accepting the children, as they are:

It is pretty common for all parents to treat their children the way they want them to be. However, in reality parents need to accept the child for who he/she is. Every child has a different personality which may or may not be similar to parents. Thus, parents may sometime tend to get worried and frustrated. What is needed from parents is to understand the child, accept his/her individual identity and let them do what they want to do. It is never advised to force or impose things on your children, which could lead to personality development issues with children.

It is true when parents accept the children for what they are, it leads to strong bonding between a child and parents. It is also easy for a child to become confidence and make better choices in the future.

Let your children face the outside world:

One of the hardship which most parents in Singapore feel is over protecting their children and not letting them view the outside world with their own eyes. They become over protective, thus binding the horizon of children. Rather, kids need to perceive the world with their own understanding, this way they will be able to interpret their environment better. With trial and error, they can make better decisions and enhance their personal experiences.

Building confidence without have to worry about others:

Losing tantrum is very common among kids due to various reasons. On the outside, other people may judge you based on how you handle such a child. One little mistake in this regard and all is gone. Parents tend to worry and become disappointed when they find children disobeying, yelling or not listening to them. However, it is perfectly normal to feel helpless in these situations. Since you can’t read your child’s mind it is okay to learn new ways to deal with tantrums.

Listen to your child then they need to be listened:

Today, when both parents are working, parenting has become even challenging, kids need time, attention and respect. When they feel being ignored and neglected, they could become cranky and use different means to show their frustration. Parents need to balance their lifestyle and give kids the required time. As children grow, their social and emotional requirement change and thus they need constant counselling from parents, so they can develop their own personality.

Parenting is not an easy task, it is a continuous learning process. There is no right or wrong decisions in parenting. It is only through experience, one can make better choices for their children and make better parent. If you require more effective parenting tips, do visit Wonder Years Singapore, a parenting platform designed to help parents.

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By Clayton Chambers

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