Who is Joan d’Arc?

Joan d’Arc is HunterGatheress. She is the co-publisher of PARANOIA The Conspiracy Reader, founded in 1992 in Providence, Rhode Island (www.paranoiamagazine.com). She is the founder of the now splintered group, The Providence Conspiracy League, the defunct Providence book store, Newspeak, and the past publisher of Newspeak magazine. She is the author of Space Travelers and the Genesis of the Human Form, and Phenomenal World, both published by The Book Tree (www.thebooktree.com). She is the editor of the 1996 book Paranoid Women Collect Their Thoughts and the Chief Resident of the Paranoid Women Institute. She is the founder of the website, BIPED: Beings for Intelligent Purpose in Evolutionary Design, the Website of Darwinian Dissent (www.biped.info).

She is also the co-editor of The Conspiracy Reader and The New Conspiracy Reader (Kensington Press), which has been translated to Japanese and Romanian. She has been published in several compilations including Wake Up Down There, The Universal Seduction, and the French Fortean journal, La Gazette Forteenne. She has written for Namaste Magazine – published in Charles Darwin’s birth home of Shrewsbury, England – in a major coup against Darwinian Fundamentalism. And she has written for Hellraiser Homemaker – the Gonzo Domestic Survival Guide written for bad girls by bad girls – in a major coup against good taste. And she’s an authentic unmitigated conspiracy geek.