Following growth pattern of Children

Children tend to have a growth pattern which is continuous, regular and spread over years.  From first year to pre-teen, kids grow in their size, height, shape and weight. Some children get taller at faster rate and on average increase in height by 6 to 7 centimetres per year. Your child may also see an increase in weight from 2 to 3 kg during the same period.

When kids grow, their anxiety also grow. Sometimes they feel abnormal hair growth, hair fall, change voice tone, increase in height. Some children welcome these changes while others feel threaten and get confused. Kids want to know how the world see them. The growth pattern for both male and female children is different. Girls tend to show major body change which is new for them, whereas boys are more concerned about their height.

During this period, parenting can be tricky as you need to understand how your child accepts these major changes in their lives. Kids need to be told that they need healthy food, exercise and productive routine to counter these changes so they remain physically active and mentally strong.

Let your Child Grow

It is pertinent to mention that mainly genetic set up is one factor which determine the growth pattern of every child. Rather asking kids to eat a lot with higher amount of proteins or carbohydrates will merely raise their weight and can make them obese. Similarly, growth pattern of both males and females’ kids differ from one another.

Body growth should be supported by good diet as it gives your child the necessary nutrition (preferably organic food). Besides this, regular exercises and a minimum of 8 to 10 hours of sleep can do help your child grow as well. Parents in Singapore tend to spend more time with their kids so the bond between a child and his parents will be strengthen.

Facing Puberty:

Reaching puberty is not less than a challenge for both male and females. Normally physical changes with respect to puberty vary in every child. Kids should be made aware of bodily changes associated with reaching puberty. They also undergo hormonal changes which can bring major change in their behaviours.

From 10 to 16 years of age, most boy show major changes in their growth. When they reach 16 years, their overall growth stops but muscles keep developing. Whereas same pattern is faced by girl between the age of 14 to 15 years of age.

When is the time to worry?

For any parent, it is important to keep track of normal weight and height gain among children. Parents with short height are tend to have shorter kids and vice versa. If your child is not showing growth as per other kids of the same age, and growth seems to have stopped then you may need to consult doctor. Sometimes child grow but speed is slow. You can also consult a paediatrician to address any issues or abnormalities in your child’s growth. Sometimes, parents may be unaware of the changes in genetic makeup which can disturb the growth pattern of a child.

The growth phase of a child is a crucial phase in his life and should be closely monitored by parents. If there is any doubt about the growth rate of your child, you should immediately consult a doctor. If you require a comprehensive parenting guide, do visit Wonder Years Parenting for more information.

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