What to know about enrichment classes in Singapore?

Enrichment classes are educational programmes which are widely being adopted and taught at most of the schools in Singapore. It goes beyond the traditional style of educating children. For parents in Singapore, enrichment classes refer to the additional learning opportunities for children which enhances learning and reinforces what is being taught in schools. Enrichment classes are designed to develop life-long learners which practice imaginative exploration and out of the box thinking.

When should a child enrol for enrichment classes?

The age of the child determines when he/she should get into enrichment classes and courses. Normally between the age of 4 to 6, kids learn through an activity-based learning process. Children explore and enjoy at the same time. Some academicians are of the view that to foster creativity and imagination amongst kids, they need to be enrolled in enrichment courses as early as possible. This makes the ideal age for learning to be 3 years old. But it doesn’t mean that a child be forced to learn, read or write. They should be given enough time to get adjusted to their new routine.

Choosing the right enrichment classes for your child?

The second most important question for parents is choosing the right course for your children. It depends upon the age, level of understanding and abilities of a child. Some kids are fond of music; others love to paint. Some may be good in reading and writing. The key idea here is to find out your child’s interests and then get him/her admitted in that specific course.

How to determine the benefit a child gets from enrichment?

This is one of the trickiest question to ask any child, because many kids don’t share their experiences. If the child is happy and energetic at the end of the session, he/she would be looking forward to the next class. On the other hand, if he/she is stressed and tired then it could be because he/she didn’t like that. Another way to determine this is if a child applies that knowledge in their everyday routine and in performing different activities then it means he/she likes that and want to learn more.

How to deal with difficult child?

After your child attends enrichment classes, many parents would start to wonder “what if my child does not like the course?” or “should I ask him to attend another session?” If your child is unreceptive to the enrichment classes, experts suggest that the course should be stopped immediately and that a child should be given some time. At the same time, they should also be enrolled in other activities they wish to participate in. This also helps your child achieve a sense of accomplishment if he/she does well in the course.

It is pertinent to mention that the time which a child spend in enrichment classes should not interfere with their daily routine and the time which they spend with their family. Social interaction is very essential for children. As far as younger kids are concerned, an information overload can be overwhelming and lead to negative effects. With the passage of time, your child may also lose interest in these enrichment class activities.

Enrichment classes are a different concept for Singapore culture. Parents need to fully equip them with requirements of their children and also the demands of enrichment classes. Based purely on the interests of their kids, they should be enrolled in programs which suit them. Learn more enrichment programs in Singapore at Wonder Years Parenting Portal.

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